Parent Resources and Ideas

Parent Resources and Ideas
Posted on 04/28/2020
Parent Resources and Ideas SlidesOur school counselors, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Letizia, have some resources to share with parents to help students cope with emotions and feelings that may be creeping in during this time. Below the video and presentation, you'll find a FAQ generated from questions we received during and after that chat.

Question Answer
We have been on a school work routine, but it’s getting harder to keep her on task, especially when it’s not graded? Grading assignments right now at the elementary level is tricky.  Not all students have the same opportunities at home- some parents are working, some are working from home, etc.  It is hard to grade assignments fairly.

Our students are in a tough spot right now.  We are asking them to do learning in an environment that they haven’t typically associated with learning.  

We want our students to love learning: take a day off, limit the number of items expected to be completed each day, give students and yourself grace and space, picking and choosing what your students’ focus is

Set up a routine throughout the day.  

Give them choices (ex. Would you like to do your Math slide or after lunch?”

Set a timer

Allow opportunities for students to have power (time, location in the house)

Reduce number of problems on assignment/slides to complete each day.

What do you suggest for families who have both parents still working math their jobs and are not home with their children during the day?

Structuring a to do list with students, working to create an attainable checklist with the student- might include academic tasks, home chores

Specific requests (short and simple)

Measurable tasks


Provide incentive at home for completion- family game, TV show, call a friend, special snack


Kids like rewards and want to feel appreciated

Chunk out tasks (ex. I want clothes put away in the next 30 minutes).

My children are in 5th grade and I feel they’ll be behind next year. Do you have a guide or list of what they should know or have done by the end of May?

As teachers are sharing learning opportunities, we’ve asked them to denote the most important activities-  This is our way to prioritize standards and skills to know.

We will have lots of vertical conversations among grade levels to determine where students were when we started the closure and what the most important things will be to beef up and teach at the beginning of the year.

We will consider the social-emotional learning component as well- how to transition in a way that prepares students for the time we missed and how to best communicate with parents.

If it is not clear which activities/standards are the most important, please reach out to counselors, admin or teachers and we can help to clarify.

With no Iowa Assessments this year, what will we use to place children going to 6th?  Middle School is having conversations about the transitions will look like as well as what orientation will look like without ISASP data.
How will transition tours to 2nd and 6th grade look? Josh Allen is working on creating a virtual tour of the building, and our school teams are creating a virtual transition presentation to add to this with information we typically share each year.

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