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News from Titan Hill Conflict Managers!

Our Titan Hill Conflict Managers wanted to share some information with you about their program.  Below are some program details from our 2nd year Conflict Managers:

Who are Conflict Managers?

Conflict Managers are 4th and 5th grade students who are selected by classmates and teachers to serve for the school year, to help students problem solve conflicts at recess time.  We attend two days of training, along with monthly meetings throughout the year.  We currently have 67 conflict managers, and we help on both the 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th grade playgrounds.

During training we learn about solving conflicts peacefully, working together as a team, and how to help others at recess.  We had fun, and learned a lot!


What we do?

During recess, we help students get along and be leaders. If students have a conflict, we help them to solve it with peaceful words. The students in the conflict have to agree to the ground rules, including no name calling or put downs, no interrupting and to be as  honest as you can.   They each can share what happened that caused the conflict, and then we help them to find a solution that is peaceful and respectful.

 Examples of the types of conflicts we work with include:

  1. Arguing
  2. Cutting in line
  3. Conflicts about the rules of 4 square or tether ball
  4. Taking turns
  5. Leaving people out


We also help our 2nd and 3rd grade students in using good sportsmanship by recognizing when they are being a good sport!  Examples of ways students can earn an I Spy award are when they help others, play by the rules, include others, and cooperate with others.  We also have game rule cards that we use to help everyone remember the rules to play 4 square and tether ball.


Program data!!

We keep track of how we are doing- how many students use our program, and how many students earn I Spy awards.

In 2012 school year 605 I spy awards were earned by our 2nd and 3rd graders, and  230 students worked with us to solve conflicts!

So far this year, as of 12/18/13,

 193 I spy awards have been earned, and 102 students worked with us to help solve their conflicts!

Questions about Conflict Managers?  Please let us know!  You may contact this group through Mary Baker, the program coordinator at Titan Hill.  The email address is, or you may call at 712-366-8336.

Thank you from the Conflict Manager team at Titan Hill!!

A special thank you to our 2nd year Conflict Managers who helped to share this information with you, including

Lynae, Sarah, Alex, Kaden, Garrett, Adrian, and Sam

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