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Welcome to Titan Hill Intermediate School

Leadership and Learning for a Lifetime

    Titan Hill Intermediate School is home to the 2nd through 5th graders of Lewis Central Community School District.  Principal Kent Stopak and Associate Principal Carrie Johnson lead the staff and nearly 950 students.   We're proud to be LC Titans!  
Titan Hill  . . . where everyone is a leader!


What's Happening

Happy Holidays from Titan Hill!

Iowa Department of Education
Focusing on Early Literacy in Iowa
Posted on 12/12/2014
This letter explains why we are focusing on early literacy in Iowa, how the early warning system for literacy is helping students improve their reading skills as directed by a 2012 state law, and where families can find reading resources to help at home. The letter also brings attention to the parental notification component of the 2012 law.  READ MORE...
Parent Math Night
Posted on 11/21/2014
Parents of 4th and 5th graders are invited to this first opportunity to learn more about multiplication and division at Titan Hill.  READ MORE...
Iowa Core
Teaching and Learning Guide
Posted on 11/21/2014
Keeping up with the instructional strategies and content at school can be a challenge. Here are some helpful guides.  READ MORE...
Mrs. Wambold with friends and family
Mrs. Wambold is the STAR 104.5 Teacher of the Week
Posted on 11/10/2014
Mrs. Wambold and her class were in for quite surprise, when math class was interrupted by the crew from Star 104.5 and friends!  READ MORE...
Mrs. Kleinmeyer shares a story
A Special Library Site!
Posted on 11/10/2014
You may have heard that the Titan Hill library has a different look this year.  READ MORE...
Volunteer Opportunities at Titan Hill
Posted on 11/10/2014
There are many ways to support the students at Titan Hill! We're so thankful for the parents who have already given their time to support  READ MORE...
2014-2015 Bus Route Information
Posted on 08/20/2014
Bus routes for 2014-2015 have been completely revamped and are now available. (Revised on 08-20-2014)  READ MORE...
Welcome to a New Year at Titan Hill!
Posted on 08/04/2014
The new school year brings with it some important and exciting changes.  READ MORE...
Speakers show they're ready!
Second Annual Leadership Expo held April 16
Posted on 05/11/2014
Titan Hill 4th graders shine each year at our Leadership Expo. This event is our opportunity to show what we've learned about leadership, and the use of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (based on the book by the same name).  READ MORE...
5th graders Accept the Challenge of Public Speaking
Posted on 05/08/2014
Notice of Adequate Yearly Progress
Posted on 09/20/2013
Titan Hill Intermediate has been designated as a “School in Need of Assistance,” or SINA, under these federal guidelines because a portion of our students DID NOT REACH PROFICIENCY GOALS ON THEIR READING AND/OR MATHMATICS TESTS for four consecutive years.  READ MORE...