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Welcome to Titan Hill Intermediate School


It’s test time again! 
Iowa Assessments Scheduled for March 17-March 24

Each March the students in third, fourth, and fifth grades are tested using Iowa Assessments.  This is a battery of standardized tests that are used to monitor the progress of our students when compared to other students in Iowa and across the nation.    

bubble sheet
 Wed. 3/12 Hats (Putting on our Thinking Caps)
 Thurs. 3/13 Bright Colors (Our Future is Bright)
 Fri. 3/14 Exercise Clothes (Don’t Sweat the Test) 

At Titan Hill, we’ll be working with students to prepare them, especially the need to work hard and show what they know.  Parents can expect other information in the family bulletin and other communication from school.  We’ll share test taking tips, and encourage students to eat and rest well during the testing period.  During the testing window, all students will test between 9:20 and 10:10.  To ensure that students have a quality testing experience, we will not admit students into the classrooms after 9:20.  

  • Here’s what you can do at home:
    Reinforce the importance of giving your best effort on the tests.  Encourage healthy eating both at supper and breakfast.  
    Set  an early enough bedtime to ensure adequate rest. 
    Make sure your child is at school on time each day.

This year students will be given grade level and school wide goals.  Unfortunately we won’t know if we’ve met these goals until later in the spring, but that’s good news for Mr. Stopak.  If we hit our goal of "sending our scores through the roof" (60% or more of our students scoring in the top half of the national averages), Mr. Stopak will spend a day on the roof!              man on roof     

Stay tuned for results!




What's Happening
Titan Hill Intermediate has been designated as a “School in Need of Assistance,” or SINA, under these federal guidelines because a portion of our students DID NOT REACH PROFICIENCY GOALS ON THEIR READING AND/OR MATHMATICS TESTS for four consecutive years.
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